Hi, I’m David, a web designer and developer based in Stockholm.

For me, the aim is straightforward: make accessible websites that perform well and respect people’s privacy. Puzzles dealing with layout and design are my favorite to solve. Exploring the limits of layout on the web while adhering to web standards and best practices is my idea of dream work.

If you have a project that could use my help, I’m available for hire.

Selected Work

Variable Birdsong

screenshot of the swedish word koltrast.

A demo of variable font axes being animated by the sound of a singing Swedish blackbird.

Kandinsky's Birthday

screenshot of kandinsky project.

To demonstrate some of the capabilities of CSS, I led a workshop in my Hyper Island Frontend Developer class where we transformed a poster into a layout on the web. The workshop was a chance to dive deeper into CSS Grid and to revisit the steps to make a layout responsive from the start.